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Pet Life

Hydrain Anti-Spill Water Bowl in Pink

Hydrain Anti-Spill Water Bowl in Pink

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The Pet Life ® 'Hydrain' Anti-Spill Water and Food Pet Bowl features an inner lightly weighted Splash-Guard inside that floats to the surface of the water while allowing some water to pass through that is designed to completely eliminate water spills during hydration. The Floating Splash-Guard is also removable making it suitable as a food bowl while making it super convenient to clean or wash by hand or when placed inside the Dishwasher. Features Rubberized Traction Grips along the bottom for added stability. Can withstand high levels of turbulence whether on a plane or in a car without spilling. Capacity: 20 oz. SIZING DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) L x W x H 7.5 X 7.5 X 3.2

Made in China

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